Dental Emergencies

It’s a rite of passage to have at least one trip to an emergency and trauma dentist. Your child or teenager is bound to have a bit of bad luck, whether it’s getting a little too wild on the playground, playing a sport or simply being clumsy.

The good news is that dental emergencies often look worse than they are. If a tooth is knocked out, find it if you can, rinse it off (water only!), and preserve it in milk or your child’s saliva (the latter is preferred). The sooner you get to a dentist, the better the odds are that it can be fixed.

No matter what the damage, timing is everything. That’s why Kids and Family Dental offers 24/7 emergency services 365 days per year. Your kid doesn’t operate on bankers’ hours, and neither do we. If your emergency happens after regular office hours, call our urgent care line and an expert can determine if you need to see a dentist immediately or if it can wait until normal business hours.

If it’s an urgent situation, you can rest assured our Kids & Family Dental team will be there for you day or night, holiday or not.

What Constitutes Dental Emergencies in Albany, New York?

A knocked-out tooth is a clear emergency. However, other situations aren’t always obvious. What if it’s a chip or a crack, and what if it’s really bad? Whether the patient needs immediate medical attention can depend on the severity of the pain as well as other factors, and the person answering the urgent care line can help guide you.

In some cases, nerves are exposed, and it will be too painful to wait until business hours. Other times, the chip might look bad (especially on a front tooth), but there’s no real pain. In that case, you’ll likely be looking at a restoration, but it’s not urgent.

You might also be worried about bruised teeth, impacted teeth or hairline fractures. All of these may or may not constitute an emergency. However, it’s best to play it safe. Call the urgent care line for any questions that have you worried, and you’ll find out right away what your next step should be.

Most importantly, try not to panic. Your family member is probably already frazzled due to the event, and maybe even surprised after seeing blood. Knowing you have Kids & Family Dental in your corner at all hours can help restore a sense of calm to you and your family.