Visit Your Local Pediatric Dentist

Healthy teeth are the result of proper maintenance. Early intervention, prevention and learning about home oral health care are the ways to ensure a lifelong healthy mouth. Therefore, children’s first dental appointments should be scheduled when they are between 6 and 12 months old, or as soon as teething begins, whichever comes first. This is a perfect chance for the parents to get a checkup as well.

At Kids & Family Dental in Albany, New York, our team of pediatric dentists focus on children, teenagers and their parents. The younger a patient is, the easier teeth are to manipulate. From fluoride treatments to regular exams, the sooner a problem is caught, the simpler and more affordable it is to treat.

Ideally, a pediatric dentist will be with you...

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My kids LOVE going to the dentist! The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. I love that they explain things so my kids can understand what is going on. Thank you Kids and Family Dental!
Taking my family to the dentist has never been easier. Since we started going to Kids and Family Dental in Albany, my kids don't kick and scream about seeing the dentist anymore. They truly work miracles there.
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