Dental Services

The term pediatric dentistry might have you envisioning young children, but that’s only part of the demographic at Kids & Family Dental. We happily serve children, teens, and adults here!

Pediatric care usually includes everyone from newborns through 18 years old, but there’s some wiggle room in dentistry. This is important, since many families in the Albany, New York, area choose our dental team when their child is first teething and then spend the next two decades or more with us. Since we are family dentists as well, we can remain your trusted family dental practice for life!

We’re proud to be the local pediatric and family dental team you trust, and we’re happy to continue that relationship well after your children’s baby teeth have come out and their wisdom teeth have moved in.

Dental Services Go Beyond Maintenance

A pediatric dental team does so much more than routine teeth cleanings. We’re your go-to resource for dental emergencies and traumas (which is a rite of passage for nearly all kids). We’re experts in dental sedation, which can be a lifesaver for some children with severe dental phobia, behavioral disorders or physical disabilities. And we administer fluoride treatments for children ages 16 and under, although patients of all ages can benefit. You can be certain your family will get comprehensive (and delicious) fluoride treatments if you wish.

At Kids & Family Dental, we’re also well-equipped to handle dental restorations, which are often a necessity for both function and aesthetics. When a child is a little too raucous at recess or while playing an afterschool sport, the aftereffects can include chipped, cracked or knocked-out teeth.

These injuries can certainly make a child self-conscious, but they can also interfere with chewing and speaking. Quality dental restorations can last for several years ― even a lifetime ― and you can choose from among many options. Your Albany dental team will work with you to choose the best dental services for your child or teen.

Our patients deserve only the best professionals and the latest, state-of-the-art equipment. Kids & Family Dental offers digital X-rays that are faster, more comfortable and safer than traditional X-rays. Results are nearly immediate, and your dentist can show your child (and you!) exactly how teeth are coming in. They can also see if teeth are shifting or if a cavity has begun to grow. Showing children what the dentist sees establishes trust — and it’s pretty cool to look at!

Your Child’s Second Big Relationship

After you and your family, one of the most important relationships your child forms will be with their health care providers. This is a relationship that can last for decades, so you want to make the right choice. At Kids & Family Dental, we’re thrilled to be the leading pediatric dentist office in the area.