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Kids & Family Dental is Albany, New York’s, leading dental team, with professionals who treat patients of all ages. Well-established in the Albany area, we’re proud to be considered one of the region’s leading pediatric dental providers. We are committed to providing a comfortable, pain-free dental experience for every child and teenager in our office.

The sooner you begin practicing good oral health care, the better off you’ll be. That’s why we’re adamant about preventive care. A child’s mouth is still growing and changing, which is why this is the best time for providing regular fluoride treatments, teaching great brushing and flossing techniques and conducting orthodontic assessments.

While we enjoy helping adults, every single member of our dental team adores working with kids and teens. Plus, we know how to have fun while maintaining a professional office. Where else but in pediatric dentistry can you offer a smorgasbord of delectable fluoride flavors, boast about your impressive sticker collection or show off some of the funniest face masks ever?

Dental appointments can be a little intimidating — but not at Kids & Family Dental. We’ve got the recipe for fun and fast appointments perfected.

Something Special

It takes a special type of person to work in family dentistry. From our dentists to hygienists to the office staff, everyone at Kids & Family Dental has been carefully selected because of their love of children, and ability to connect with families.

Sometimes, not just any chairside manner will do. Kids are curious, and understandably, probably don’t know much about what we’re doing on the other side of those instruments. That’s why we explain all procedures clearly, we allow children to touch the instruments and we always welcome parents in the exam rooms.

It’s important that children begin their dental experience on a positive note. We work with kids from the time they are infants to well into adult years, helping to establish a positive oral health care routine for life.

Twenty years (and often longer!) is a long-term relationship. We’re honored that our patients choose Kids & Family Dental for life, and therefore we strive to always do our best. We’ve been serving the Albany area for several years, establishing real bonds with our patients.

Get to Know Us

Are you looking for a long-term dental partner for your child and yourself? We’re always happy to provide a free consultation and set up a meet-and-greet with our dental team and your child. The best relationships are formed out of mutual respect, understanding and a splash of silliness. Discover what our Kids & Family Dental team has to offer you and your family today.