Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can bond and strengthen teeth. While patients of any age can benefit from fluoride treatments, those age 16 and younger are the best candidates. At that age, teeth are still developing. Fluoride penetrates teeth, strengthening them from the inside out for life.

Fluoride treatments are completely safe — in fact, there’s (hopefully!) fluoride in many of the foods and beverages you consume. In some areas, fluoride is added to drinking water.

In Albany, New York, fluoride is added to the city’s drinking water, but some people may not be getting enough for the strongest teeth possible. Plus, if you depend on well water, use a filter at home or buy bottled water, you’re not getting the benefits of Albany tap water.

Bear in mind that fluoride treatments at Kids & Family Dental are stronger than any fluoride treatment you can buy in stores, such as fluoridated mouthwash. We also offer a variety of flavors guaranteed to have your child smiling.

Added Benefits of Fluoride Treatments

In some cases, your dentist might recommend that your child use a special fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash at home. This is common if a child’s teeth are particularly weak, or if they don’t normally have access to fluoridated water.

Adding a little extra fluoride, especially one you don’t swallow, is a good idea for the whole family. It might be children and teenagers who benefit the most, but even adult teeth can soak up small amounts of fluoride.

You only have one set of teeth, so it’s important that you protect them and strengthen them whenever you can. You can get dental restorations, but those should only come after you’ve done everything possible to preserve your own teeth.

You might not be able to turn down every hard, sticky holiday toffee you’re offered, prevent your child from knocking out a tooth on the playground or predict when or if a tooth will become damaged. However, you can certainly add fluoride to your family’s dental health plan.

Start Fluoridation Early in Albany, New York

Fluoridation can begin from the moment your child’s first tooth erupts. Even baby teeth need some TLC, since they’re placeholders for adult teeth that might not come in for quite a while. Finishing your child’s appointment with a fluoride treatment is a smart move, and a great treat for them to look forward to. After all, who wouldn’t want to end a dental visit with chocolate mint or strawberries and cream?